The Greatness of Stephen Curry

Warriors take a 3-0 lead versus the Blazers in Conference Finals. The Recline.

Stephen Curry doesn’t get the respect he deserves in this league. It’s time for NBA fans to stop hating, and start appreciating what he has accomplished in these last couple of years. This man was a unanimous MVP once, people forget that, and they should remember it because this man has changed the NBA.

What else are you asking him? The guy won a chip with this team without KD already and is about to get to the NBA Finals without his help. I’m not against KD, it’s just that Steph countless times has the shot to prove himself and he always succeeds. And you know what’s great about this team? Team Basketball. With all these stars in one roster, we have never seen individual success over team success. And other teams with just two stars play so much isolation basketball that they lose because of it.

Steph has what most point guards in this league don’t have, he has leadership. From the first time they went to the Finals we saw that type of leadership. And everyone hates him because of it. With so many weapons he doesn’t think about himself and never doubts his teammates. The Warriors are one game away from going to the NBA Finals another year and having the opportunity to make a historic three-peat. Did I mention KD and Boogie are injured? Well now you know, this team deserves everyone’s respect. The truth is, no team in the West is close to beating the Warriors even if Durant or Klay leave. They are a team that execute on offense and execute on defense, it’s ridiculous to think that other teams have a chance against them.

This is the season that the Warriors must have, it wasn’t that 73-9 season, it’s this one. They deserve it, they deserve to be up there in the rafters with other historic teams. They deserve to be called a dynasty. Us basketball fans are witnessing the greatness of a generational player called Stephen Curry and we have to appreciate what he is doing on the basketball court.


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