Michael Chavis is a Name You Should Get Used To

Michael Chavis was called up to the Red Sox on April 20th. Since then, Chavis has 29 hits, 24 runs batted in, and has hit 9 home runs. The 23 year old has a .296 batting average to go with his .389 on base percentage. Chavis has taken the league by storm, getting called up around the same time as Vlad Jr. Vlad Jr. came in with much higher expectations, he was in the media while he was still in the minors. And Obviously his fathers legacy led to his hype.

With Dustin Pedroia recovering from a knee injury at 35 years old, Chavis is playing well enough to take the starting 2nd base spot on this team. Since Pedroias injuries first started, 2nd base has been the one area where the Sox lack consistency. They have had many guys try and play 2nd base, Eduardo Nunez, Brock Holt, Ian Kinsler, and they even had Brandon Phillips at one point (he pimped that go-ahead home run once)

Chavis’ glove has been solid at 2nd. He’s committed 3 errors so far this season. Like Rafael Devers, his bat is what he’s in the league for. He can be a versatile fielder, he has played at third base and at first this season. Chavis seems like someone the Red Sox should hold on to. Even with some of their bullpen struggles, it might seem like Chavis could be a trade asset, but the Red Sox don’t have many prospects left after they’ve called most up to the majors, or traded them in the Chris Sale deal. The Red Sox youth should be something the rest of the league fears. Every field position besides first base has a young player who consistently starts.

Chavis’ First Month Highlights

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