Giannis Antetokounmpo Is Lined Up To Save Greece’s Debt Problem With His Next Contract

Well deserved, the Greek Freak earned his second straight 1st Team All-NBA honor giving him the right to be the highest paid NBA player ever when he hits the market next season. Of course, he’d have to extend with the Bucks, but none-the-less, Giannis is about to get PAID.

How big? 5 years-$247.3M big. Broken down, the last year in his deal he’ll make $56.3M. And considering his Bucks team has the best chance to knock off the Warriors this season, he should be the highest paid.

The biggest question is what do you do with $247M? Drink a ton of Pina Coladas, according to Giannis. Or he could, you know, save the country of Greece. Greece is currently almost $300B in debt and Giannis will score 10% of that on his next deal. Some smart investing and some shoe deals and bam, Giannis will save a country to become even more of a superhero.

Cheers to the rightful MVP, Giannis!


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