Is Drake Bring The Toronto Raptors Lead Cheerleader A Real Problem?

After a game 4 loss, coach Mike Budenholzer focused on something other than the game itself. He complained about Drake walking up and down the sidelines, and talking trash throughout the game. Budenholzer saying, “There’s certainly no place for fans — or whatever Drake is for the Raptors — on the court”. The thing is, Drake isn’t just your average NBA fan. Drake is the 6 God, he was given the key to Toronto in 2016.

So is Drake walking up and down the sidelines, rubbing Nick Nurse’s shoulders a problem? No. Drake is one of the most widely known celebrities in the world. He has been a cheerleader for the Raptors at home games for a few years now. The rubbing of Nick Nurse’s shoulder might have been a little over the top, but Nick Nurse didn’t seem upset or shocked by it. If this was a problem for the NBA, they would do something about it. If the Raptors organization, coaches, or players wanted him to tone it down, they would tell him.

If Drake was getting on the court and getting I players faces, then there would be a problem. No one at the Scotiabank Arena told Drake to stay seated or stay in the area where his seat is. The only reason his trash talking is making any news is because he is Drake. Fans at every game trash talk, Drake just always has cameras on him so we see everything he does. That happens when you sit on the court, everyone will see what you do. Don’t expect Drake to stop making a scene on the court. That comes with the Raptors home court advantage, he doesn’t do this at any other arena,


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