Klay Thompson’s “Snub” Will Cost Him Money This Offseason

All-NBA teams were announced and Klay Thompson was not part of any of them. The Recline.

The All-NBA teams were announced today, and Klay Thompson didn’t make it. Against tough company like Steph, Harden, Lillard, Irving, Westbrook, and Walker. If you watched most of the games of the Warriors season, you know that he wasn’t snubbed. All of these guards played outstanding this season, although fans might want to argue the fact that Kemba Walker wasn’t even in this year’s playoffs while Klay was. There were plenty of games where Klay played great for his team this season, but it was a roller coaster type of season for him. He was too inconsistent to be named in an All-NBA team. The votes will come for him because, again, he is a great player and a perfect help for Golden State, but those votes are based on player performance rather than team performance. Klay argued in an interview that because of his Finals appearances he should’ve been named All-NBA.

This “snub” is going to cost him a supermax contract of $221M for 5 years. Now, I personally think that if Golden State had offered this type of contract to Klay they were way out of line, this man is not worth $44.2M per year. But you never know these days when a player like Otto Porter Jr. has a contract of $106M for 4 years. Right now, Klay can still get paid a lot of money with a max contract with the Warriors or with another team. If he stays in Golden State, which I think he will, he can receive a max contract of $190M for 5 years. In another team he can receive $140M for 4 years. This is why I think Klay is staying with the Warriors, a lot more money for showing loyalty and it’s possible that Draymond and Steph stay long term, meaning the Warriors are still going to be the Warriors. Again, Klay is a great shooter and defender, has already 3 championships with a 4th in the way, and was named All-Defensive this year. So, for an inconsistent player going to his 5th straight final he is going to be alright in a near future.


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