Marcus Smart Finally Gets his 1st Team All Defense Selection

The Boston Celtics longest tenured player, Marcus Smart gets selected to the 1st team all-defense for the first time in his career. Since Smart was drafted, defense was what got him picked at number 6. The 25 year old is, and has been the heart and soul of the team for a few years now.

Smart makes winning plays, most Celtics fans love Smart for this. He puts it all on the line at all times. He’s not afraid to match up with anyone in the league, centers always think they have a mismatch with Smart, but he usually comes out successful. Smart is one of the few guys who have more defensive highlights than offensive. That is especially rare in todays NBA where the offensive players have more freedom, and defenders can barely touch the ballhandler.

Smart reminded Danny Ainge of himself when he was drafting in 2014. Being gritty and hard nosed has finally payed off for Smart. He has been a great defender for the past two years, but only now gets the recognition from the rest of the league. Smart isn’t just an on ball defender, he plays team defense. He seems to have a 6th sense for stealing the ball, or knowing when to leave his man for a double team. He just always seems to be in the right place at the right time on the defensive end of the court. This is a very well deserved award for Smart, and the first of many.


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