Why Gerald McCoy is a Fun Pipe Dream, Saints Nation

Well this was sudden! Can we get him?? Oooh that’s a spicy meatball, Who Dats. The Saints could use Gerald McCoy in a big way, bigger than most of the interested teams in play for him. Can we land him? Err…um…not likely. But let’s look at the game changers that could swing him our way.

The open market is exhausting, y’all

Gerald McCoy, the Tampa Bay Bucs’ 6’4″ 300 lb defensive dynamo was released after a failed free agency trade block before this year’s draft. The Bucs gambled, no one bit, and left with no space, McCoy’s cut, and here we are: a diamond pops up in the rough that is the remaining open market. They were partly able to allow this because they knew they had Suh for less. For Suh, he’s getting more than his current value. Maybe win-win for all since Gerald McCoy has been unhappy, and now he has a chance to play somewhere fun. Tampa is not fun, folks.

Immediately after his release, the rumor mill churned, and these articles started spitting out. The Panthers, Bengals, Browns, Giants, Pats, Saints, Colts, and practically the whole league became interested, naturally. Articles such as “Why Gerald McCoy Will Make a Great Fit For (the team you follow)” made great points about how he’s perfect for your team.

Who wants these guns?

I’m not gonna blow smoke up asses, Who Dats. If we land Gerry Mack, it’s gonna involve other organizations’ failures, some luck, and Drew Brees. Let’s break it down.

Fingers crossed for ineptitude:

First of all, what’s against us? His first visit is Friday at Cleveland. They are gonna try VERY hard to not let him leave without signing. If he gets out of the building, there’s still Cincinnati nearby.

Indy isn’t far away either, and they have the most cap space remaining of all 32 teams. That means they have money to burn. And if a bidding war started, they’re the poker player with the giant chip pile.

Any other team wanting McCoy seriously better be dangling tasty carrots. Players can get impatient in these situations, and it’s likely McCoy already has a few teams in mind. I’m not gonna pretend to know, and all of those reports today aren’t worth used toilet paper.

Sometimes the ball rolls our way:

If McCoy comes through that Midwest gauntlet unsigned, it will be because no organization wooed him well, and that will be on them. I’d imagine the Saints are 3 or 4 on a visit list, so we can only hope McCoy wants to get courted and massaged before deciding who to sign with. And if that’s true, that’s good news for New Orleans. Sean and Mickey have learned to properly ball fondle when necessary.

If McCoy does come to New Orleans for a visit, don’t worry about money. Loomis magic will shuffle some contract extensions and carousel some young backups to make cap space for Gerald. On paper, we are $8.5 mil currently, but cmon, we all know that’s a silly trivial number.

One of the main things that we can gather from today’s water cooler talk is that he’s interested in being with a contender. If that really is true, knock that list of places for him to land down to a hard 4: Browns, Pats, Colts, Saints. Of the wild list of team names thrown out today, we’re on this good short list, like I said “IF” he wants to be with a contender. Honestly, I haven’t seen anything bubbling with the Pats beyond their name being thrown into the ring, so maybe we could even reduce to 3 teams.

Where there’s a Brees, there’s a way:

If you pay attention to Drew in the offseason, you are aware that he and Gerry are very good buds in the real world off the field. Could Drew be the true X factor for us? Could he, Cam, Sean, and Mickey lay out enough swag to entice McCoy? I mean, we do have some sweet team swag.

But it’s possible, sure, that Drew could have sold Gerald on New Orleans already through years of his own satisfaction here. And maybe the chance to play against Tampa twice a year is an enticing X factor for him as well. Any chance to sack that punk Winston, right Gerry??

Well I do love gumbo!

You’ll notice my gratuitous use of “if” in this article. The Saints haven’t been able to lure these high profile guys the last couple of seasons for one reason or another. Sometimes other teams get to them first, the Saints can’t/won’t pay enough, the geography doesn’t work for the player/player’s family, etc. I will say that Gerald McCoy has a lot to gain from being here. Does he know that? Does he care? Is Drew Brees the bean to tip the scales? We’ll know soon. Fingers crossed, Who Dat Nation (^_^)x

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