Have we Seen the End of Laser Show?

The 35 year old Dustin Pedroia, former MVP, and former all-star may be done playing baseball. Pedroia has been plagued by knee injuries for the past two seasons. Pedroia’s style of play was always super aggressive, he was always diving and giving all of his effort. The downside to that style leads to injuries and a shorter career. Pedroia has been lucky to play as long as he has. The Red Sox placed Pedroia on the 60 day IL on May 27th. Pedroia has tried to rehab and come back from his knee surgeries. Each time, he feels pain, and goes back to the IL.

Pedroia is one of the best Red Sox players I have ever watched. Pedroia has played in 9 games over the past two seasons. He only has three hits in those games, in 31 at bats, that is a .090 batting average. But don’t let that distract you from the legendary career he has had. In 2007, he won AL rookie of the year, and then in 2008, he won AL MVP. Two massive accolades in a players first two seasons. Pedroia has won multiple gold gloves and a silver slugger during his MVP season.

If he does ends up calling it a career without playing another game, he would end his career with a .299 batting average, and a .3365 on base percentage. Pedroia is a two time World Series Champion (’07, 13), cementing his legacy in Boston. He came up through the Red Sox farm system and will most likely end his career in Boston. The Red Sox will probably retire number 15 shortly after his official retirement. Most Red Sox fans are extremely thankful for what Pedroia has brought us here in Boston. Pedroia said, “I haven’t even sat down or thought about something like that,” when asked about retirement. He has time to think about it now, and I think he should call it a career. At this point he isn’t a help to the team, and he needs to put his health above everything else.


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