David Griffin Might Have To Wear His Lucky Tie Soon

Anthony Davis to continue talks with Pelicans GM David Griffin. The Recline.

It feels like it was yesterday that the Pelicans star Anthony Davis demanded a trade to a winning environment. A lot has changed since that demand, the Lakers don’t have Magic anymore, Pelicans don’t have Dell Demps, and recently the Pelicans won the 2019 Draft Lottery.

New NOLA general manager David Griffin, has expressed his intentions many times with the media about wanting to keep Anthony Davis. He compared this situation with the same thing that happened with Paul George in OKC. It’s quite different, OKC has already a star named Russell Westbrook. Meanwhile the Pelicans have a very underrated Jrue Holiday, but they have been trying for years to make this duo a dominant one and have had only one postseason success (2nd round exit).

Now Griffin has to make the pitch of his career in order to keep a desperate AD with their roster. With recent talks, all rumors point to Zion Williamson becoming also a Pelican, and with another star like Davis and help of Holiday this will be a good team next season. But again, they’d have to keep The Brow in order to have success.

What happens if Davis still wants to leave? Well we would be back to square one with Anthony Davis. They would have to look for a perfect package for NOLA, in order to have a great offseason. The Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, and the New York Knicks are still the top three teams to acquire AD via trade.

We have heard that Pelicans don’t want to trade Davis to the Lakers with LeBron because they would be giving their best player to their competition. Between Boston and Knicks, the best deal is Boston by far if they want to win fast. Knicks have expressed not being that interested in Davis since they want to build the team the right way, not making any mistakes like other teams have in the past via trade for a star player. But Boston would be losing a lot of talent, and AD has said that after what they did to IT he doesn’t want to be a part of that environment. The notable players they can receive from each team are:


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