Drake Auctioning Off Steph Curry’s Hair Lint After Winning Game 1 Is Absolute Savagery

In the midst of all the hooplah during last nights game between the Raptors and Warriors, Stephen Curry approached Drake on the sideline for what was some friendly banter. Drake could then be seen picking at Curry’s head and it appears he was able to get a little extra out of the altercation: Curry’s hair lint.

Now, if you’re Steph Curry you have 2 Options going forward:
1. Drop 60 on Drakes head in game 2
2. Fake an ankle injury and be out the rest of the series

And if weird bodily leftovers are your thing, Drake has been kind enough to even throw it up for auction on eBay under the moniker DraymondShouldntWear23. The auction has since been removed, however it’s a wildly genius move by Drake to taunt a pretty mentally weak team like Golden State.

With no new music released in a while Drake has found a way to really steal the spotlight and it’s been by terrorizing other teams with his antics and he’s winning. Mind games all Summer’19 from the 6 God.


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