Drake Should Win Finals MVP If Raptors Win The Chip

Possible or not (not), Canadian Actor Aubrey Graham from Degrassi also known as rapper Drake has been pivotal in the Raptors success since becoming ambassador of the organization. This season has been no exception.

Who would have known that all you had to do to win games in the NBA was be a super fan and wear the opposite teams gear? Drake knows he has a curse and he’s mastered it. He even went so far as to get Steph’s jersey tattooed on his arm in the event that Toronto would meet Golden State in the Finals and secure the win.

Last nights Game 1 victory saw Pascal Siakam absolutely dominate, Leonard and Gasol play lock down defense, and the Raptors start undefeated in their all time finals record. Those guys, no matter how much talent they have, only have one person to thank; Drake.

When the Raptors watch the confetti fall, in Oakland or Toronto, one thing should be answered: Drake winning the Finals MVP.

Baby Dinosaurs 1 – Warriors 0.


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