NBA Finals 2019 Game 1 Review

Raptors take a 1-0 lead in NBA Finals against the Warriors. The Recline.

First of all, we must congratulate the Toronto Raptors for their effort this season and postseason. A team that has been dominated in East the past years by LeBron James, have won Game 1 in the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

It was a good Game 1, the Raptors dominated from start to beginning. Warriors made some runs during the game that kept them in it, but still Raptors maintained their dominance. We watched in this game the importance of having good forward and centers on your roster. The game started as a mismatch from the big men, the Raptors played a simple Gasol-in-the-middle type of play. That play made the Warriors space the floor and on defense you can’t do much with Marc in the middle. He is a big man that can move the ball and score it also. Then we watched an all natural player, like he was born to play good in the Finals, called Pascal Siakam. This man dominated Draymond Green, even though he went with the triple double. We saw that he made 11 FG in a row, longest in last 20 NBA Finals! To me he was the player of the game. Also playing in Toronto must be tough as hell, they are like a soccer team fan base.

For Golden State fans, I wouldn’t be worried. Boogie Cousins came back today, didn’t play well but it’s a good sign. With the fact that they were down by 10 pts in the 4th quarter without your top scorer Kevin Durant, you are in a good spot. I don’t think they have to adjust much other than limiting turnovers and improving their defense. What they would need to win the second game is having a third option. Against a team like the Raptors, they don’t score off one player, every player can score a little bit. They need a third factor, which in this game should have been Iguodala. But you can’t trust Iguodala on offense, he has to focus on Kawhi on the defensive end. I would say that Draymond has to become the shooter he was in previous seasons, he can stretch the floor and help off the pressure in Steph and Klay. Game 2 will be Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET and expect to see an improved Warriors and a relaxed Raptors.


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