Andy Ruiz Jr Won The IBO/WBO/WBA Heavyweight Belts For All Us Chubby Guys Out There By TKOing Anthony Joshua

Since tweeting out the highlight of Ruiz knocking out Joshua, Joshua stans have been in my mentions talking about how the fight was fixed, how boxing is fixed, blah blah blah. Look, here’s the deal, when you fix a boxing match 1 of 2 things happen, the judges fix it on the cards or a fighter agrees to go down to a semi-strong punch. This was neither of those things. This was Anthony Joshua getting the absolute living shit kicked out of him by Andy Ruiz, who also by the way, just won Mexico it’s first major heavyweight championship.

Andy Ruiz Jr. is a god among men. You see this guy walking down the street and you think “Wow he could probably kick my ass, but I could definitely out run him.” But you stick this behemoth in a ring where if you run away you lose? He’s gonna embarrass you to next Tuesday. He’ll have you more fucked up than a pig at a barmixtzfah.

And let’s talk about Anthony Joshua for a second. There’s 0 chance this guy beats Deontay Wilder and Wilder was smart for not booking him in his next fight because now it’s pretty meaningless. It’s like Wilder knew Ruiz would stomp the living shit out of Joshua. I would like to see Wilder-Fury still but if Fury has to go through the Mexican AmigGod I think he’s fucked.


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