Long Ball Is Back As MLB Hits Record 1,135 Home Runs In May

More home runs were hit this May than in any other month in Major League Baseball history.

Toronto’s Vladimir Guerrero Jr. went deep in the eighth inning at Colorado on Friday, the final day of the month, to set the record with the 1,120th homer in May. The previous mark was set in August 2017.

Hitters needed to slug 25 home runs Friday to break the record and ended up hitting 40, bringing the historic final tally for May to 1,135 homers.

According to ESPN Stats & Information research, there was a homer every 25.0 at-bats in May, the highest in a month in MLB history.


From the time the steroid era ended until about 2016, Major League Baseballs popularity plummeted in the main stream. Ratings and attendance were down and the game lacked great stars for a while. Sure, you had Derek Jeter on the tailend of his career, David Ortiz, and Alex Rodriguez, but they lacked a Barry Bonds type character where people who didn’t watch baseball tuned in when he was at-bat.

However, recently home runs are starting to fly at incredible paces and incredible lengths. With big bats like Cody Bellinger, Christian Yelich, George Springer, Alex Bregman and more, fans can watch or attend games and expect home runs to be hit.

Some credit this to better batters and analytics, some credit it to MLB juicing the balls instead of the arms of giants, but all in all, it makes the MLB a much more fun sport to watch when the ball is headed for the upper deck.


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