2019 Saints Summer Positions Breakdown: QB

Alright, this is exciting. I’m going to give a breakdown of each position group and the competition heading into training camp. Where better to start than with Drew “Holy Bresus” Brees…oh, and those other guys.

Seriously though, the QB position in New Orleans is pretty unbelievable currently: A first ballot future hall of famer, a proven starter as a backup, a “Swiss Army knife”, and a developmental QB that has a good upside. Sean Payton was interviewed recently on CBS Sports radio, and described the Saints’ QB situation “as good as it’s been anywhere I’ve seen in the league.” Drew may be losing a bit of steam off of his deep ball, but you are nuts if you think there’s a better QB on the roster than this 40 year old wonder boy, and the league for that matter (Stat GOAT!!). Even last season, Drew more than held up with a healthy O line. Had they been able to stay relatively healthy, he would’ve gotten the MVP instead of Mahomes, or in the least made the votes muuuuuch closer. But as we all saw, Drew’s weakness is no protection. Let’s be honest, that’s almost ALL QB’s weakness, so again, Brees was still amazing last season. Like Brady, the play calling has been shifting to more short and intermediary routes, which Brees’ accuracy has always thrived. So it should be no surprise next season when he continues an insane completion percentage. With a healthy offensive line that hopefully shows a bit more depth, there’s no reason why he couldn’t be in that elusive MVP race in 2020.

Love me New Orleans, because you should!

On dance moves alone, Teddy Bridgewater is our future quarterback. But even more relevant, is his success in Minnesota as a proven starter. In 2014 and 2015, he was essentially a 3,000 yard passer with a mid to high 80’s passer rating. A 14 touchdown passing average isn’t bad when you have a top 5 defensive unit. Oh, and you were a rookie QB. And until his horrific leg injury that sidelined him during training camp in 2016, Teddy was looking like the franchise QB of the Vikings. But if you didn’t know or maybe forgot, Teddy’s knee injury was bad. And by bad I mean “pull the surgeon mask down, vomit, and start surgery” bad. There was a possibility of him losing his lower leg. No shit. And the fact that this motherfucker is a number 2 backup in the NFL right now is nothing short of astonishing. I had two hernia surgeries and my shitty white dancing got worse. This man plays pro football after nuclear destructive damage to his knee and dances like Icarus on the sun.

I! Am! A! Quarterback!

Taysom Hill. He is a quarterback, right? The Stormin Mormon is an absurd beast of a player. He has been the “Swiss army knife” as Payton put it. He’s also just an anomaly by all accounts. The latest team articles around the league include BS about “finding the latest Taysom Hill”. The reality is that he isn’t that copyable. And the reality is that the way Sean Payton uses him is not only awesome, but it’s part of his survival and success in the NFL. Hill had a litany of injuries in college, and honestly, is too rough and obtuse to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. I would love to be proven wrong, but Taysom thrives in this offense because of his limited snaps, and he has sooooo much movement and placement, it ironically protects him a lot when it comes to pressures and picks. He’s the best player to fantasize about when it comes to awesome plays. I’ll take a Drew Brees TD to ANYONE ANYTIME. But if I say to you, 5 yard line from end zone, Drew under center, Taysom at TE, hike, Drew fakes to Mike Thomas, TE around, Taysom gets ball and hits Drew in end zone. Fuck. Everyone.

My name is not Teddy

I just realized the Teddy-J.T. number 5 conundrum. To answer that, J.T. switched back to his college number 16 after Teddy’s arrival. So Mr. Barrett. He was in an unfortunately crowded Ohio State qb stable. But when we got his chance he showed up. The guy showed up for 3,000 yards passing, 35 TDs, and almost 800 yards rushing. JT lived on the practice squad last season, but he is a luxury for us. Remember Garrett Grayson? Well he can’t hold JT’s jock as Bobby Hebert says.

Is this group awesome or what?? And that is the tip of the iceberg, friends. Next article is running backs…soooo much dicier and with drama potential!

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