Kyrie Irving Was At The Anthony Joshua v. Andy Ruiz Fight And Looked Like He Was Pushing 60 Years Old

Famous for portraying the character Uncle Drew, an old guy from Pepsi commercials who schools fools on the B-Ball court, among other things, Kyrie Irving is one of the most interesting names in the most interesting offseason in NBA history, so it can’t be a great look to be in Madison Square Garden looking like you’re halfway to becoming the real life Uncle Drew.

DAZN tweeted out a photo of Irving at the fight, and while you can blame a terrible angle, terrible lighting or the fact that Kyrie aged 20 years in his 2 seasons in Boston, he looks like a completely different human being from his introductory press conference with the Celtics.

It would be Knicks luck, however, to score a superstar who’s aging past his prime right before their eyes. Congrats on scoring Grandpa, Knicks fans!!

PS, I’m not bitter. Go C’s.


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