‘Missing’ Liverpool Fan Was Actually Just In Jail For Drunkenly Insulting Cops Is The Most British Shit I’ve Ever Heard

A Liverpool fan reported missing by his family had actually been arrested after ‘lashing out at police officers’.

Macauley Negus, 23, vanished in Madrid while watching the Champions League Final – with his family lodging desperate pleas for him to make contact.

But he was actually in custody with Spanish police claiming he was insulting to cops who found him lying drunk in the street.

He had driven to the Spanish capital with his dad to soak up the atmosphere in the fan zone ahead of the clash with Tottenham Hotspur.

And he was due to drive back home on Sunday but vanished following the after-match celebrations.


This is easily top 10 most British things to ever happen. A hooligan goes with his dad to a soccer match and they just get into straight shenanigans. He then goes missing, but he was actually just in jail because he was too drunk to give his real name to the cops. Plus, his name, Macauley Negus. Thats a name straight out of a Harry Potter movie. It doesn’t get any more British than that. My favorite part of the story, however, is that he was half naked in the street and when the cops went to help him he just start kicking them like the drunk Brit he was.

“They went to aid him but he was very drunk and reacted badly by punching and kicking the two officers who both suffered minor injuries.

“He was arrested for assault and has been held at the Salamanca district National Police station.

“Police had a missing persons’ report but the reason officers didn’t realise he was the man who had been arrested was because he gave them an incorrect name as a result of the state he was in.

“His name was logged as Mac Kullen which was the name he gave.”

Long live Mac Kullen, the Liverpool legend who put his family on edge for two days for getting too knackered with his dad.


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