NBA Finals 2019 Game 2 Review

Warriors tie the NBA Finals 1-1. The Recline.

What a game NBA fans. Many emotions were involved during this game man. This game proves that NBA basketball can’t be beaten. This is the type of Finals we as fans are looking for.

The game started out way different, even I thought it was an easy win for Toronto after watching Steph Curry struggling with a 3-9 FG start. Credit to the Raptors for keeping a player like that ice cold. Also credit goes to Klay Thompson, he carried that team with his shooting in the first and second quarter. Raptors defense and offense were outstanding in the first half.

As soon as the second half started, the game got interesting. Warriors started an 18-0 run, and all credit goes to coach Steve Kerr for starting Boogie Cousins this game. They fed the ball to DeMarcus, and he did a pretty great job finding cutters and shooters wide open. He adjusted well to more minutes with Kevon Looney coming out of the game. But player of the game goes to Draymond Green. He controlled the offense every time he touched the ball, and on defense he maintained Spicy P. He ended the game with one assist shy to a triple double, which would have made 4 straight triple doubles.

Raptors at the end tried to mount a comeback but when you have a poor performance by Danny Green, Kyle Lowry fouled out, and Marc Gasol not battling against Boogie you can’t do much. And let’s mention that clutch-ice-in-his-veins-shot by Andre Iguodala, damn. With Klay out of the game, Warriors must hope that KD will come back for Game 3. Curry was showing some sickness reports say and Kevon Looney out too, they definitely need a good game from Boogie and KD to come back. For the Raptors, they have avoid those runs by the Warriors, and Lowry has to involve more his teammates in the game. Next game is on Wednesday at 9:00 pm ET.


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