Adam Humphries is the Latest Log Thrown on the Fire that is Tom Brady

Former Buccaneers receiver Adam Humphries signed with the Tennessee Titans this off-season. The Patriots were a team that was very interested in signing Humphries. Humphries recently said that Tom Brady’s age played a factor in his not signing in New England.

Humphries doesn’t deny Brady’s greatness, “Obviously, he’s the G.O.A.T. That’s that simple,”. But why would you not want to play with the GOAT. Questioning Tom Brady has not gone well in the past for most people. Reporters have been saying Brady’s falling off the cliff for years, he’s been to the last three Super Bowls, winning 2 of them. But Humphries decided to sign with the Titans because he doesn’t know how much longer Tom Brady is going to play for. Brady has said he wants to play til he’s 50 if he is still good. He loves the game and wants to keep winning.

Brady doesn’t NEED any extra motivation going into his age 42 season, he’s been doubted since draft night in 2000. But another person doubting his skill and time left in the league never hurts. He loves proving the haters and the doubters wrong. We’ll see how Humphries decision plays out come February.


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