Terrence Jones Got Absolutely Punked In The Philippine Basketball Association And Should Retire Immediately

Former Rocket, Pelican, and Buck Terrence Jones was involved in an altercation in the PBA where a guard absolutely trucks him, then Jones sack taps him only to get clotheslined and danced on on the other end by a guy half his size.

This is why Jones isn’t in the NBA anymore. At his peak, Jones was a capable 20 and 10 guy which is a guarantee for a contract but he’s soft as cotton candy. You can’t come back from getting beat up by a guy half your size and the dance was probably the most disrespectful part of all of it. This guy knew he’d be suspended for the clothesline, didn’t care, gets up on the scorers table and dances all over Jones’ grave.

RIP Terrence Jones’ career.


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