Looks Like Money Does Grow on Trees in New York

Free agency starts in June with many teams having max slots available. The Recline.

Just when you thought all free agency talks couldn’t get worst, they just did. The Brooklyn Nets just made a trade package with the Atlanta Hawks. Now the Nets have the chance to add two max slots to their team.

With $48M cap space before this trade, they would have to sacrifice their All-Star D’Angelo Russell in order to have space for two max slots. In other words, if the Nets don’t re-sign D’lo, they can add two superstars to their roster. Now both teams in New York have the possibility of adding two elite players to their roster. Is this the beginning of seeing a New York vs Brooklyn matchup in next year’s playoffs?

Rumors are now out there, that Kyrie Irving is seriously considering joining the Nets this summer and Knicks fans are going to be pissed. The other star guard they could have added was Kemba Walker, but he said his top priority was signing that supermax contract with the Hornets. That rules out both of them, unless the rumors of Kyrie based on New York itself and not specifically Brooklyn. But just to confirm that, here we have Adrian Wojnarowski’s insight:

With this being said, I will predict that the Jimmy Butler and Kyrie Irving duo will unite with the Brooklyn Nets. I don’t see Kevin Durant going to Brooklyn, and he has said that there has been talks between him and other key free agents about joining New York. I do say the Nets will not sign D’Angelo Russell just because the idea of Kyrie-D’Angelo just doesn’t fit on my mind. Other teams are preparing as well for free agency, but this summer New York basketball (both Nets and Knicks) will try to take everything away from other teams like the Lakers and the Clippers.


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