NBA Finals 2019 Game 3 Review

The Toronto Raptors take a 2-1 lead in the NBA Finals. The Recline.

First of all, let’s give our outmost respect to Stephen Curry. The man fought hard from the beginning trying to win this game all alone. The Warriors had to play Game 3 of the Finals without their top defender Klay Thompson, he said he was ready to play but coach Kerr and the rest of the staff took precautions towards his injury.

From the tipoff, this game was written with a win for the Raptors. Today I can say it’s the best Kyle Lowry performance I have ever seen offensively during this series. The man did a little bit of everything, he scored when needed and, with his high basketball IQ, developed the offense. Kawhi as always did not disappoint throughout the whole game, finishing with 30 pts, 7 reb, and 6 assts. But what was key during this game? Defense.

As I said before, Warriors were without their top defender Klay. If you watched the game, you saw that he was deeply missed by the roster on the defensive end. Golden State looked lost on defense and the Raptors took advantage of it. Player of the game goes to Danny Green, terrific all around performance. Him and Serge “Iblocka” set the pace on defense, with a total of 7 blocks, and 6 of them were by Ibaka. That Danny block was crucial because the Warriors were trying to mount one of the many comebacks to win this game.

For Game 4, we still don’t have an update on KD or Klay, whether they will play or not. The Warriors have to adjust their lineup and remove Shaun Livingston from it. I would start either Cook or McKinnie to have a better shooter. They have to prepare for next game with the mentality of not having Durant and Thompson on the floor. If they adjust their tweaks defensively, they might have a chance to tie the series. The Raptors need to have another stellar performance by Kawhi, get good minutes by other players, and not let the Warriors go on huge runs in order to win Game 4, and be up 3-1. You can watch next game on Friday, June 7 at 9:00 pm AST.


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