Kevin Durant in G.O.A.T. Discussions After 2019 Finals?

KD on set of being involved in GOAT discussion. The Recline.

Now that Kevin Durant will play Game 5 of the NBA Finals, can he make a better statement to his legacy by winning this year? Yes, I am asking if Durant goes for an impossible three-peat, will he be around in greatest of all time players list? I can answer this as a yes, and those who read me know I am not a Warriors or KD fan. Shoutout to William, Carlos, and Sebastian (LeBron fans).

In order to convince the readers, I have to make this argument from the very beginning when KD left OKC to join a 73-9 team. I want to say that I was not in favor of this move because it was unfair for other contenders in the league, but I wasn’t against it either. The purpose of having an NBA GM is to develop the best roster they can make to play 82 games and win a ring. So it’s kind of the GM’s job to make an unfair team like the Warriors. So if you are a GM, and you 73-9 team didn’t win a ring then you should consider bringing more weapons to that roster and that’s what they did. I don’t think people are mad because of that, maybe they are mad from the Durant perspective. Being one win away of beating the Warriors, to losing and joining them. I understand why the fans would be angry, but he wasn’t going to win in OKC with Westbrook and he wasn’t going to beat the Warriors with another team.

That year Durant moved to the Bay Area, no team was close of beating the Warriors other than the Thunder. And Kevin obviously was at the point of his career where he needed to start winning rings. He did what was best for him and fans should understand that. Before all that, Durant was considered the second best player in the league behind LeBron and now those discussions are not related anymore because of the Warriors. But why not bring them again? Durant won two rings against LeBron and the Cavs, even though it was a clear mismatch the second year they faced each other. Now with the third possible ring, he is facing the same player that stopped LeBron from having a three-peat called Kawhi Leonard.

The Warriors are down 3-1 in the Finals without Durant, and you’re telling me that if he wins the series he isn’t going to be in GOAT discussions? Please, he definitely will be regardless the team he’s with. He would be winning that third straight ring the hardest way possible against the best two way player in the league and without home-court advantage. And let’s not enter the discussion of taking a cut next year and winning four years in a row because that has never been done in this league. He would be doing something LeBron couldn’t do, and from the West side of the playoffs, not the easy East. Regardless what NBA team he has, this is how this league is built. Now you need “Big 3” to win the title, it’s just how the NBA works now. If Durant comes back from a 3-1 deficit, and wins his third straight ring you should add the name Kevin Durant to the greatest of all time players list, if you don’t you are just hating.


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