Kevin Durant’s Injury Should Solidify A Kyrie Irving-Anthony Davis Duo In Boston

You hate to see it. Kevin Durant suffered an achilles injury in his return to the Finals after sitting out the first four games, but how this shakes everything up for free agency is extremely interesting.

First off, since the All Star break 2 things have been widely known: Anthony Davis wants out of New Orleans and Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving want to play with each other. If KD is out for all of next season, Kyrie doesn’t have any real incentive to opt out. He could opt in to playing with the Celtics next season, the Celtics could move their core to get AD, and have both on a 1 year rental.

We’ve seen how successful the Raptors have been with their rental of Kawhi Leonard and it bodes to show, if you really want to win championships, why not just win them now? A lot of Celtics fans have said they want to keep Brown and Tatum over the chance at 1 title, but the Celtics history and fan base is solidified as long as the NBA is. There’s no threat of them ever losing their team.

As a die hard Cs fan, I say go for it. Win now. If Kyrie and AD want to play in New York, they can when they both become free agents next year with Kevin Durant, but this year? Their best bet is to team up in Boston and go for it and then reassess from there.

It’s definitely go to be interesting so to quote the great Samuel L Jackson, Hold on to your Butts.


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