Kawhi Leonard: Winner

Kawhi Leonard has proved that he can be the leader on a championship team. Some people thought he rode the coattails of coach Poppovich and Tim Duncan. I think they just helped mold him into the player he is now. Kawhi gets a lot of attention to his personal life and the quiet way he carries himself. Everyone has their own thoughts as to why he is the way he is. He’s a weirdo, he’s an introvert, he doesn’t like his team, I don’t think any of those are true. I think Kawhi is truly not satisfied until he wins the NBA finals.

He’s not the only person in sports like this, Kobe was up 3-0 in the finals and wasn’t smiling because the job wasn’t done. Bill Belichick doesn’t smile all season until he wins a super bowl. I think that mentality rubbed off on the rest of this Raptors team. After going up 3-1 there was not a single player smiling walking back to the locker room. I have a lot of respect for those types of guys in sports. They think the season is championship or bust every year. That’s the way it should be when you play at the highest level there is.

And looking back at it, that Kawhi trade was a steal for Toronto, whether Kawhi resigns or not. The Spurs got Derozan, Jacob Poertl, and a protected 1st rounder. But the Raptors received Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green. Kawhi and Danny Green are worth so much more than what the Spurs gave them away for. It shows with the results of this season.


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