Houston. We have a problem

Sources told Yahoo sports that James Harden and Chris Paul’s relationship is “unsalvageable”. This news comes off the reports that the Rockets has been shopping guys like Clint Capela and Eric Gordon. Houston is now faced with the problem of what to do with Harden and Paul. The smart and right move would be to keep Harden and shop Chris Paul, who has 3 years left on his contract and is going to get $121 million. He’s already 34 and is not getting any better or younger.

The problem is going to be trying to trade Chris Paul with that contract. I don’t know what team is going to want an aging point guard who has had trouble fitting in with his past teams. Paul reportedly told the Rockets that it was either him or Harden, and I would be shocked if the Rockets chose Paul. They took a risk on him two years ago by giving up some good assets and that could turn out to backfire for them. Their best bet would be to try and get pieces that fit well around James Harden, because they probably aren’t getting any sort of star player.

Paul isn’t Houston’s only problem, coach Mike D’antoni stopped talking with the team about an extension. His last year under contract is this upcoming season. Now on the verge of losing their second best player, and their head coach, there are a lot of questions to be answered.


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