Kyrie Irving Will Never Be An Alpha In the NBA Again

It’s over. It’s probably been over for longer than we’d like to imagine, but Kyrie is not a Celtic, Danny Ainge’s experiment didn’t work out, the Celtics didn’t win 60+ games, or get to the Finals or even the Eastern Conference Finals. And I accept that. I actually accept it now more than I have in a long time and now that Kyrie’s true colors have shined through, I’m happy it’s over.

Back in the beginning of the season, Kyrie promised Celtics fans he’d stay, he then released a commercial with his dad saying that he wanted to be the last person in a Celtics jersey to ever wear #11. The middle of the season came and things weren’t going as smoothly as expected for the Celtics sitting at a near .500 record and Kyrie sounds off at the mouth again, only this time talking about how he doesn’t know if he’ll return in free agency, but at that point, it didn’t really matter. Kyrie was brought in to bring a championship because he was “battle tested” and a few months from then we’d get to see Kyrie take on that test.

The playoffs got here, and Kyrie was abysmal in the second round, playing extremely selfishly with capable players surrounding him. He shot awful percentages and when asked about what he’d do about it, he said “the same thing”. He never took accountability for the fact he just wasn’t feeling it against Milwaukee, which is fine, but that is when you take that leadership role you wanted oh so badly and involve your teammates. You get them involved, open the floor and go out and try to win it. He didn’t do that. He crumbled and then he ran and ghosted the Celtics.

This is why Kyrie Irving can never be an alpha in the NBA. He acted holier than thou all season(really, all his career) and when it mattered most he ran and hid like the immature prima donna he really is.

Now, his top destination, the Brooklyn Nets, have reportedly lost interest in him if he can’t bring Durant to town. The Nets don’t want the guy who longs for them unless he brings a 31-year old who is going to miss next season with an achilles injury because they know that without Durant, Kyrie will run ramped through their franchise without ever being checked by someone better than him.

Kyrie cannot be the best player on a team. Not because he’s not talented enough, but because he’s a mentally unstable crazy person who thinks he’s smarter than anyone else on planet Earth. It’s been rumored that Jaylen Brown didn’t like Irving and it’s probably because Jaylen Brown is a real smart person and not a fake one like Irving is. His best bet is to run back to LeBron and be the third option on that team where if he acts all pouty no one will care.

I wish my vision on Kyrie was clearer from the beginning, but I’m glad he’s leaving. I’m glad I’ll be able to watch a happy Brown and Tatum next year. I’m looking forward to see Hayward bounce back next season. Now that the dust has settled, I cannot wait for the 2019-20 Boston Celtics Season.

Happy Draft everyone.


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