Andre Iguodala Has Had A Lot To Say Recently Including Saying The Warriors Lied About His Injury

A day after making headlines saying that Kevin Durant & Kyrie Irving aren’t going to the Knicks, Andre Iguodala went on The Breakfast Club this morning saying that the Warriors lied about his injury and pressured him into returning early.

The Warriors and the media made it out to be that Iggy had a bone bruise, but Andre revealed to Charlamagne and Co. that his leg was actually fractured and the Warriors put pressure on him to return to action.

You should expect to see teams being a lot more cautious about how they handle players injuries. The Warriors are now repeat offenders after pressuring Kevin Durant to come back early to save their Finals bid against the Raptors where KD ruptured his achilles, jeopardizing his season.

The Spurs and 2x Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard also came to a head when he believed he was more injured than the team did and we all know how that relationship went.

It’ll be interesting to see if teams change their approach and if you see more money being spent on the training staff to prevent this in the future.


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