Walter White And Jesse Pinkman Are Officially BACK Teasing The Breaking Bad Movie

Fuck. Yes.

With Game of Thrones wrapped up, a lot of talk has gone on about what the best television series ever was and while I loved adventuring through Westeros, I loved cooking meth with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman more.

Breaking Bad was one of those shows that gave you real anxiety. When characters were killed, they were killed brutally. When things went wrong as they always did, you were never at ease as to who was going to make it out alive. The show set up perfectly that if they decided to kill Walter off in, say, Season 4, if was conceivable that Jesse could take over.

The show also probably had the biggest plot twist with Gus going from Chicken Man to evil drug tycoon to become Two-Face Harvey Dent.

I’ve been so disappointed as a whole with TV shows becoming movies, but this is one I can’t wait for. Give it to me. Give me all the crystal blue meth you can. Let’s get this thing rolling.


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