This Guy In Israel Just Robbed 2 Banks With An Avocado And Millennials Everywhere Can Finally Pay Their Bills

A man reportedly robbed two banks in Be’er Sheva, Israel, armed with an avocado.

A resident faces charges in connection with aggravated robbery after stealing $7,778 (NIS 28,000) from two Postal Bank branches in May, according to a report by The Times of Israel.

The suspect, 47, walked into the Big Be’er Sheva shopping mall’s Postal Bank branch in southern Israel and gave a bank teller a note telling them to “hand over the money in the drawer,” before threatening to throw a grenade, according to a June 6 report from Israel’s Channel 12 news that was cited by The Times of Israel.
That “grenade,” however, was a painted avocado, according to the report.


There you have it folks. Easy as that. Wanna pay off your student loans? That avocado toast is finally about to pay off for you. Can’t afford that studio apartment in Manhattan? No fear, the granavocado is here to help.

Look, I get it, if I was the bank teller and a crazy person walks into my bank with a painted avocado and tells me it’s a grenade, I’d believe that crazy person and give him his $7,000 he desperately needs. Is it a good look when your manager asks you how you got robbed and he eventually finds out that it was a freaking avocado? No, of course not. But, I’d live with being roasted by the office for thinking it was a potential grenade rather than be roasted by an actual grenade.

Amazon should absolutely start selling Grenavocado’s immediately, good for business, good for clearing debt. Win-win.


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