Where the big free agents should go vs where they will go

It’s that time of year again, the time where hopeless Knicks fans scream “this is our year” then overpay Ron Baker. This year, there’s a lot of big names who will make big decisions on where they will spend the next few years of their NBA careers. Here is where I think they’ll go and where they should go.

Kawhi Leonard

Should go- Toronto Raptors

Will go- LA Clippers

The Raptors are bringing back the same roster that won them a championship last year, plus the city of Toronto are basically letting him do everything for free if he resigns. Kawhi grew up in LA, and wants to be close to home, and that will be the ultimate decision maker for him.

Kevin Durant

Should go- Philadelphia 76ers

Will go- Brooklyn Nets

Durant has to skip a year because of his achilles injury, but how unstoppable would a team of Simmons, Durant, and Embiid be? They would easily win the East and with the Warriors dynasty over, almost guaranteed a championship. For whatever weird reason, KD is set on playing somewhere in New York, and his good friend Kyrie has all but signed a contract signing with the Nets.

Kyrie Irving

Should go- LA Lakers

Will go- Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie needs someone else to be the leader while still being productive, which was the case in Cleveland. If he reunites with Lebron James in LA, he would be able to do that and oh, yeah, they have Anthony Davis too. Kyrie instead wants to go to a team where he’d be in the same situation as the Celtics but with worse players. Pretty confusing.

Kemba Walker

Should go- Boston Celtics

Will go- Boston Celtics

Kemba got this one right. Celtics need a player who can score, is unselfish, and wants to win, the three things Kemba can do. Replacing Kyrie with Kemba is a huge win for Boston and Kemba will finally have a chance to compete.

Jimmy Butler

Should go- Philadelphia 76ers

Will go- Houston Rockets

Butler had a nice role in Philly, and looked very comfortable there. They were also a crazy buzzer beater away from making the ECF, so if Kawhi leaves, he can potentially make the finals. If he goes to Houston, he’ll get to play with great players, but his locker room issues combined with Paul and Harden’s is a nuclear explosion waiting to happen.

D’Angelo Russell

Should go- Indiana Pacers

Will go- LA Lakers

The Pacers are a good point guard away from being a finals team, and now have cap with Collison, Bogdanovic, and Thad Young being free agents. Insert Russell, who would be the PERFECT fit to the Pacers and both sides would profit greatly. Lakers aren’t a bad option either, he would just have a lesser role and hopefully not waste a few years of his prime.



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