Free Agency Has Been Wild

It’s Woj Bomb season!

The NBA is going to look very different next year. Some of the biggest names in the league are switching teams. There are still some big names who are going to make decisions soon.

Brooklyn Nets:

The Nets are going to have a massive turnaround in the next few years. They signed Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Two of the biggest names in the NBA joining forces in New York, but not with the Knicks. The Knicks apparently were not willing to offer KEVIN DURANT a max contract with fears about his injury recovery. Two guys who are going to be and have been called snakes in the past are sure to catch some criticism for teaming up. They’ll be joined by Deandre Jordan, a good big man who doesn’t need touches fits with those two.

Boston Celtics:

The Celtics moved on from Kyrie in about as little time as possible. Signing Kemba Walker as soon as free agency opened at 6. With the potential loss of Al Horford looming, and the trading of Aron Baynes the Celtics need to find a starting big man. Kemba will finally get to play with some other talented NBA players now that he is out of Charlotte. Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward, and Kemba Walker is a good core to build around. Danny Ainge has the Celtics in a good position even after losing Kyrie.

New York Knicks:

The Knicks are having a very bad offseason. After trading away Porzingis, they opened up two max contract slots but missed out on their top two targets in Durant and Kyrie. Worst part is, they lost them to the other New York team. They did end up signing Julius Randle for 3/63.

Philadelphia 76ers:

The Sixers lost JJ Redick to the Pelicans(a great signing). But they spent a lot of money on Tobias Harris. He’s going to be there for five more years, but the 76ers should have tried to bring back Jimmy Butler as their priority, he is the better player.

Other Signings:

Derrick Rose to the Pistons. A good signing if they plan to keep Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond.

Ricky Rubio and Bojan Bogdanovic to the Jazz. The Jazz get two more starting caliber players but all together probably don’t have a chance in the west.

Terry Rozier to the Hornets. The Hornets lost Kemba, Rozier gets to start. And the Celtics free up cap space by letting him go. A win-win.

In Reddick to the Pelicans, a shooter to play with guys like Zion and Lonzo, a great fit.

Malcom Brogdon to the Pacers. A good young guard duo in Brogdon and Oladipo. If they can keep either Sabonis or Myles Turner they could be in a good position.

Khris Middleton stays with the Bucks. Not surprising.

Harrison Barnes stays in Sacramento and continues to the bag somehow.


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