(Un)Popular Opinion: Kawhi Leonard Should Wait A Year On Los Angeles And Run It Back With Toronto

As we all impatiently wait on where Fun Guy Kawhi Leonard will end up, let’s reflect.

LeBron James made it the norm for superstars to sign 2-Year deals with the 2nd year being a Player Option. The entire NBA is in complete chaos right now and while Kawhi doesn’t owe the city of Toronto anything, for storyline, parity, and overall interest in the NBA he should run it back one time with the Raptors before making a decision on SoCal.

It was awesome rooting for Kawhi this year. By the end of the NBA Finals he was unanimously everyone’s favorite player after being ousted out of San Antonio and there is no reason to rush into a long term decision in LA when Anthony Davis is an UFA next season, LeBron James is older and the Clippers could implode as quickly as the exploded.

There are only two constants that remain in the East: Milwaukee and Toronto, and with Toronto’s dismantling of Milwaukee this past off season, theres no reason to believe that they couldn’t run through the East again this year, and if the Raptors do try and trade for D’Angelo Russell, they could be one of the most interesting teams in the NBA this season.

LA will still be there next season, and since Kawhi is already in a good situation, why not see how AD-LeBron unfold for a year before creating a team that may not mesh well together?


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