The Battle For LA Heats Up

Kawhi Leonard finally made his decision. He’s going to the LA Clippers. He didn’t want to be a third wheel with the AD, LeBron, and the Lakers. But he told the Clippers that if they trade for Paul George he will sign with them. Now the two Los Angeles teams each have two superstars.

Kawhi and Paul George is an interesting combination, two extremely talented players but also talented defenders. Pairing them with Pat Beverly and Montrezl Harrell, that team is going to lock up other teams.

This did come at a price for the Clippers. They had to give up Danilo Gallinari and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, along with FIVE first round picks, four of which are unprotected. They saw what got the Lakers Anthony Davis, and they just gave up a whole bunch of picks.

The NBA is no longer ruled by superteams, but is now wide open with many champions contenders. There are many teams with two superstars or all-stars. This upcoming season should be exciting after all the player movement, and an exciting young draft class.


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