Giannis Is Coming to America

The 24 year old MVP finally released his signature shoe this summer. The Nike Zoom Freak 1’s have come out in multiple color ways, the newest one being the “Coming to America” color way. Giannis is showing his appreciation for his favorite movie starring Eddie Murphy.

Giannis has been on the internet learning some American things, I don’t think it’s a promotional stunt for the shoes, but it makes for some great content.

Giannis was hanging out with the New York Yankees and learning how to play baseball. In America, most kids learn how to swing a baseball bat at a really young age. But Giannis, being from Greece, where baseball is not popular. He is learning to swing a bat at 24 years old, and at 7 feet tall. It seems like he chose the right sport in basketball.

Giannis is also learning how to milly rock. At 7 feet tall, any normal activity looks very different compared to when a normal sized person does them.

Giannis recently told ESPN that he feels he is only at 60% of his potential. That should bring fear to the rest of the NBA. An MVP saying he has a lot of room for improvement. Giannis has one of the craziest work ethics in the league, but he is a solid 3-point shot, and maybe some improved dribbling skills away from being the best player in the league.


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