Are NBA Players Joining Forces Bad For the League?

The NBA has experienced superstars joining teams with each other and creating super teams. It started with LeBron and Chris Bosh joining forces with Dwayne Wade in Miami, and then the Warriors when Kevin Durant joined the 73 win Golden State Warriors. A lot of NBA fans are against super teams. That changed this offseason when the league went from super teams, to star duo’s.

Star Duo’s we’re highlighted by Paul George and Kawhi Leonard joining each other in LA to play for the Clippers. The NBA is a players league, the players control where they play and when they play. Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, all superstars who requested trades in the past two years.

When players are in situations they are unhappy with, you are not going to see them play in a fun, and energetic way. Take Kyrie Irving for example, he obviously was not happy in Boston. He may have put up good numbers, but you could see he looked different than he did when he was first in the league in Cleveland. And now he chose to join Kevin Durant in Brooklyn, where they both chose to play. Anyone who has played pick up basketball knows that it is more fun, and easier to play when you have friends, or people you are comfortable with on your team. That is the beauty of free agency, choosing where you want to play, and who you want to play with.

Obviously there are limits to this. The league is at its best when there is even competition and multiple teams that can compete for a championship. There are 4 or 5 teams right now that seem like they have a championship caliber roster. And then there are even more teams that could be dark horses at any point in the season.


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