Baseball Players Who Deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame

The baseball hall of fame is notorious for being very picky, and conservative with their selections. They are not shy with keeping players who have some sort of asterisk on their career out of the HOF. There are record holding players, and HOF worthy players who are not in the baseball hall of fame. And it’s a shame.

Starting with the steroid era guys.

Barry Bonds:

Barry Bonds is one of the best baseball players ever. Steroids obviously assisted Bonds, but he still holds the record for the most home runs of all time. He was playing against pitchers and competing with other hitters who also used steroids, but he was still ahead of them. He hit 73 home runs in 2001, and hit 762 for his career. He hit more home runs than he had strikeouts at the age of 39.

Roger Clemens:

Clemens was one of the most dominant pitchers the game has ever seen. He is third all time in strikeouts with almost 4700. He was a 7x Cy Young award winner, and won league MVP in 1986. He faced the same challenge as Bonds, facing opponents who have an advantage makes you want to even the playing field with them.

Mark McGwire:

One of the best home run hitters in an era of many. McGwire is a 12 time all star, and 583 career home runs. A career .394 OBP percentage, a threat to get on base every time he got up to the plate.

Now to the guys who are out for other reasons.

Joe Jackson:

Shoeless Joe, one of the coolest nicknames in all of sports. A career .356 batting average, almost 800 RBI’s (he played from 1908-1920). He led the league in hits twice in his career. He is still not in the hall of fame because he allegedly threw the 1919 World Series in the famous “Black Sox Scandal”. That happened 100 years ago, we’re seriously still holding out of the hall of fame.

Pete Rose:

Pete Rose is kept out of the hall of fame for allegedly betting on MLB games. Rose is one of the best hitters in baseball history. He holds the record for most hits in a career with 4,256. A 17 time all star, 3 time World Series champ. His resume says that he is a hall of famer, but his lifetime ban in baseball is still upheld. His betting should not overshadow his talent on the diamond.

Curt Schilling:

This is one of the more interesting stories. Schilling is kept out of the hall due to his political views. He is not shy about his views, and some HOF voters have said that is the reason they will not vote for him. That is not right. It’s the baseball hall of fame, not the politics hall of fame, not the good guy hall of fame, it’s baseball. What he did on the baseball field should be what the voters look at. His stats match up with other hall of famers, and he should join them in the hall.


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