Bradley Beal Needs to Get Out of Washington

The Wizards are preparing to offer Bradley Beal a 3 year, 111 million dollar extension. Beal has spent his entire career in Washington. Washington has not made any deep playoff runs, not making it past the 2nd round the years they make the playoffs. Beal and Wall were supposed to be an elite duo for the Wizards. But Wall has plateaued or gotten worse in most statistics. And Wall is likely to miss this upcoming season with an achilles injury.

Beal is 26, and has been an all star the last two seasons. He is one of the best shooting guards in the NBA, and would benefit from going to a new team. Beal has the talent to succeed in the playoffs, but that is not going to happen in Washington, at least any time soon.

Beal has to have seen what happened with Paul George. Requesting a trade is as easy as ever for NBA stars. So where should Bradley Beal push to go? Where will he fit in? And who has the assets to go get him?

Miami Heat

The Heat went and acquired Jimmy Butler via a sign and trade with Philadelphia. Miami traded away most of their movable assets to get Butler. But I think they could scrounge together a package to get Beal. A Beal and Butler backcourt would be a lock for the playoffs in the East. The Heat could give up a deal that look like; Kelly Olynyk, Dion Waiters, and Derrick Jones Jr. But that package would probably require the rest of Miami’s draft picks for the near future.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Beal would have to want to team up Karl Anthony-Towns to request a trade to Minnesota. Towns is a great center and I feel like him and Beal would be a great duo in the Western conference. The Timberwolves could unload Andrew Wiggins to Washington along with a few picks. Washington would have to be willing to pay Wiggins along with Wall for the next five years.

Boston Celtics

Bradley Beal is a good friend of Jayson Tatum’s, so a teaming up in Boston is a realistic idea. The Celtics would have to be willing to give up a package surrounding Jaylen Brown. Jaylen Brown is up for a contract extension with the Celtics in the next year, depending on how much Brown is asking for. But a Kemba, Beal, Tatum trio would be dangerous.

Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks have a great young duo in Kristaps Porzingis and Luka Doncic. But adding a veteran, all star guard would make them a much better team. Dallas might not have the best assets to get go after Beal, but if Beal requests to go there, they might be able to get it done.

Detroit Pistons

If the Pistons are looking to compete with the core they have right now, they could move some young, smaller pieces to go along with picks. Beal with Andre Drummond, Blake Griffin, and Derrick Rose could be a top team in the East. A package around Reggie Jackson and first round pick Sekou Doumbouya could get the deal done with Washington.


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