Ranking the best memes of the NBA Season

Another NBA season has passed, and once again the memes did not disappoint. Here are the best memes of the season.

10) Anthony Davis’ vs the Lakers

After Lebron hit a tough three to ice the game, Anthony Davis knew he needed to play with this man, and his face clearly showed it.

9) I’m Trying Jennifer

A random fan named Jennifer really wasn’t having it after the Trail Blazers got swept in the playoffs, and CJ responded accordingly, making it to the conference finals.

8) Michael Beasley wearing the wrong shorts

Beasley proved once again why smoking before a game isn’t the best idea, checking into a basketball game wearing the completely wrong shorts.

7) Nikola Jokic breaks the mic

In a postgame interview, Jokic seemed to be struggling to get the mic out of the stand, and had a priceless reaction when it broke

6) Joel Embiid crying

After Kawhi Leonard hit a miracle shot to end the 76ers season, Embiid was seen doing his best Michael Jordan impression, with a meme worthy cry.

5) Kawhi Leonard: What it do babyyyy

In a car ride with Serge Ibaka, Kawhi says “what it do babyyy” which instantly becomes an internet sensation

4) Bradley Beal reacts to a fan

After a fan tells him he sucks walking to the locker room, Beal had a reaction that became a quality meme.

3) Magic Johnson’s reaction to the Lakers

In a surprise move, Magic Johnson stepped down from his position with the Lakers. His face in this gif best describes how he felt about the rest of the front office.

2) Stephen A Smith’s Face

Stephen A Smith is one of if not the most entertaining sports personality, and his face here is a mood everyone can relate to. This is the most used NBA meme of the year.

1) Kawhi Leonard’s Laugh

The first meme of the year is also the best. The laugh that made everyone convinced he is a robot has been shared and memed thousands of times. For the most quiet player in the league, Kawhi sure does make great memes.


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