TNT Cancelling ‘Players Only’ Is Music to My Ears

Turner Sports must have been listening to their viewers last year. They finally cancelled the Players Only broadcast for this upcoming season. Players only sounds like a good idea on paper but it just didn’t work out. The guys calling the games need to be able to talk about them and actually announce. Former NBA players know what they are talking about, and have some good insight to the games, but lack the play-by-play calling skills.

I hated listening to the Players Only games. Exciting things happening in the game, followed by “wow” or other boring statements. We want to hear things like a classic Mike Breen “bang!”. I have heard a grand total of zero people say they enjoy watching a players only called game. I would be okay with the regular TNT crew calling a game with former NBA players occasionally, like I said, nobody understands the NBA better than its players. But we need professional play-by-play.

Nothing worse than this:

A great, game winning three pointer followed by ooh’s and ash’s. That’s how the fans are supposed to react.


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