Is Linsanity Done in the NBA?

Nate Robinson offered Jeremy Lin an invitation to the Big 3 league. The Big 3 is loaded with retired NBA players, including Nate Robinson. Playing in the Big 3 is not a sign that you are not good at basketball anymore, but a less elite level of basketball. The NBA is the best of the best, and whether Jeremy Lin deserves a spot on an NBA roster is up for debate. He only played about three minutes a game last season.

Lin recently said he thinks the NBA had given up on him as he is still unsigned. I think that there is definitely a place for Lin in the NBA, there are plenty of bad teams who could use a backup point guard. But if Lin decides to play in the Big 3, I think he would do really well. He could use it as a way of showing NBA teams what he still has to offer. Lin definitely still wants to be playing with the best of the best.

He may not be “Linsanity” anymore, but to say he doesn’t deserve a spot on an NBA team I think is wrong.


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