And then just like that, it happened…

Michael Thomas is now breaking more records, inking the first 100 million dollar contract for an offensive player that’s not a quarterback AND being the highest paid wide receiver in NFL history.

Now those two records are probably not gonna last that long.  But what’s amazing for the Saints is how big of a first this is for the team.  Loomis and the Saints have never shelled out this kind of money for anyone not named Drew Brees.  Hell, they fought Jimmy Graham to $10 million a year.  There were also some lessons learned from that deal.


The Saints got what they wanted financially, but in the case of Jimmy Graham, they also created a whiney bitch.  And the Sean Payton era of the Saints has been a long experiment in team happiness and team chemistry.  And all of those lessons learned culminated here today.

The bottom line is Michael Thomas is happy.  Mickey Loomis made it happen.  The team is happy.  Except for Emmanuel Butler, who was enjoying the Thomas training camp absence.


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