Days Later And Thousands Of Arguments Later, LeBron Is Still an Asshole For Running On The Court In Bronny’s Game

Let me preface this by saying that I’m the biggest LeBron defender out of all the LeBron haters. Yes, I think he’s a good person. Yes, I think he’s a good father. Yes, I know he’s one of the greatest players who ever lived. And I commend him for going to all his kids events, but if my 5’4 Italian dad ran onto the court when I played high school basketball in the middle of a game and started dapping up all my teammates and someone videotaped it and posted it on the internet, everyone would rip him for being an asshole. And if you haven’t seen the video, watch it below and make your own decision:

And fuck it, I’ll even give LeBron a pass for dunking in the layup line. There was a dad on my soccer team who used to warm up with us, stand on the sidelines in trainers and run up and down the line like he was about to get into the game, but had he run on the field? ASSHOLE.

The only reason he did it is because he’s an attention whore. While I do believe he’s genuine in his kindness, there is absolutely no denying that LeBron is an attention whore and it probably stems from the fact he was a child star. The only difference between LeBron James and Amanda Bynes is that LeBron is still working.(Sorry Amanda for the unnecessary dig). The annoying Taco Tuesdays, the weird ass instagram stories posting albums that haven’t come out yet just to brag you have the album, constantly trying to trade all your teammates away and then pretend you didn’t try to do that, it’s all there. All the evidence that LeBron needs the attention of a Kardashian.

LeBron stans welcome.


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