What Teams Can Consider Melo for a Farewell Tour?

Carmelo Anthony’s trainer, Chris Brickley, said earlier this week that Melo was better than 60% of the players with contracts in the NBA. For those who don’t know the man, he is a basketball trainer whom Melo is very close to because they were both part of the Knicks organization. Since every downgrade Carmelo has suffered after the Knicks, every offseason he goes and trains with him. Sometimes we even see highlights from Anthony in scrimmages on Twitter. See the latest of Melo and Brickley below:

The NBA is a business for sure, if teams don’t want to sign Anthony they should have a reason. Still, many NBA players think that teams should give a chance to the 10x All Star. All Carmelo wants is an opportunity for a farewell tour and do the jersey swap idea just like D-Wade did. Here are some teams that can benefit from Anthony’s services.

1. New York Knicks

The Knicks are the obvious choice, if you were to pick a farewell tour, but I wouldn’t just sign the man for this. They have a small forward whom is struggling to score in this league named Kevin Knox. You can’t blame the guy, he had to deal with Emmanuel Mudiay’s services in his rookie year, a guard that has no court awareness whatsoever. I think Melo can be a good fit as a mentor to Knox because he can teach him how to score in many ways against NBA players. Other than that, New York is his hometown and he has been the only star who’s been willing to play for the Knicks in a long time. Just because of that, the Knicks should return the favor.

2. Brooklyn Nets

If the Knicks can’t sign Melo, the Nets should. It’s highly unlikely that they will, but if Carmelo wants a farewell tour with no media and no pressure he should go to the Nets. Did you see how that crowd reacted on D-Wade’s last game? Melo was going to take a shot and that crowd erupted. That showed that he is still loved by New York. If I were the Nets, I would still be concerned about adding him because with no good small forwards other than Taurean Prince, Melo may want that starting spot.

3. Portland Trail Blazers

There has always been rumors about Melo joining the All-Star duo of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum. This offseason Lillard expressed himself about the disrespect that the league is showing to Anthony with the hashtag #FreeMelo. I’m not saying it’s a good choice by the Blazers, but it’s a possibility. If they sign him, I can see him mentoring their rookie Nassir Little. Also he does have experience in postseason with the Nuggets. Those years of Melo going to the Western Conference Finals against Kobe and the Lakers could help as experience with championship contenders like Lillard and McCollum.

4. Los Angeles Lakers

From all previous options the Blazers and the Nets are the least favorites to sign Melo. The Lakers have open roster spots for him, but it would be risky. Yeah yeah, all rumors point to an Andre Iguodala buyout from the Grizzlies and him joining the Lakers. This scenario of Melo joining L.A. is in case the Iguodala thing doesn’t happen. Now this would be the worst scenario for Melo, why? Because the Lakers are short on players that can contribute, and they are on the way of winning a championship. LeBron and AD will not approve a season where they could have it all, in exchange of a farewell tour. If Melo joins this team, he has to ball out every time he steps on the court in order to LeBron approve this request.


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