If Josh Gordon Doesn’t Get Reinstated We Riot

On Saturday, Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon officially applied for reinstatement to the league. He was suspended indefinitely late last season, and the NFL won’t really tell us what that means for him. Gordon has been in and out of the league many times throughout his career. Failed drug tests have been the single negative thing to come from his career. Gordon is one of the most talented receivers in the league, that is when he’s playing. Gordon turned water into wine while playing in Cleveland, with guys like Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell throwing him the ball.

This is a lose lose situation for the NFL right now. Whether they choose to reinstate Gordon, or keep him out of the league, they are going to have fans disagree with them. The NFL has been extremely inconsistent when it comes to punishing players for breaking the leagues rules. The big one recently, is Tyreek Hill, Chiefs side receiver. There seemed to be pretty strong evidence of Hill threatening his family, including breaking his sons arm. And Roger Goodell and the NFL basically said that was ok, and didn’t suspend him at all for this season. As a Patriots fan, I’ve hated Goodell for years, but this goes beyond that rivalry. The NFL has no sense of consistency, saying they have a zero tolerance policy on domestic abuse, but not sticking to that statement. They need to weigh out the moral values of things players do, and what warrants a suspension. Josh Gordon failed a second drug test and was suspended for an entire season, while Ray Rice was suspended for 2 years for knocking his girlfriend out in an elevator, on camera. These suspensions and non suspensions just don’t make sense, there is no guideline that they follow.

So whether or not you want Josh Gordon back in the league and able to play, you have to look at how poorly the NFL chooses their punishments for players. I would understand if Josh Gordon was allowed to come back after a few games this year, he has failed drug tests in the past. But he needs to be reinstated this season. It would be utterly ridiculous if Roger Goodell chose to keep Josh Gordon indefinitely suspended. I’ll say it one more time, if Josh Gordon doesn’t get reinstated to the NFL this season, we riot.


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