Here We Go Again: Antonio Brown Said He’d Never Play Football Again If He Doesn’t Get His Old Helmet Back

The biggest prima donna in football is back at it shortly after he got his new deal out of Pittsburgh, this time it’s over equipment.

The NFL put a mandate in that requires all players to wear a new type of helmet, the kind of type of helmet to piss off the NFL’s biggest crybaby. Brown apparently said he can’t see as well in this helmet and that he’d rather give up football altogether rather than play out his contract on his new team.

If you ask me, Antonio Brown is a giant pussy. The way he left Pittsburgh and forced his way to Oakland made Le’Veon Bell look like a saint.

Antonio Brown is a mainstay on many of my fantasy rosters, but he’s just been evicted. I hope he does quit football. The game has gotten too soft as it is and it’d be better off without him.


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