This Might be the Greatest Alley Oop I’ve Ever Seen

Miami Heat forward, Derrick Jones Jr. can jump through the roof, anyone who pays attention to the NBA has seen what this guy can do. Now I know this alley oop didn’t happen in the NBA, it’s still ridiculous. I don’t even know how to describe the pass off the backboard. Any dunk after that pass would be a highlight, never mind a 360 from Jones Jr. This video came from @dannycasanova on Twitter. He gave the name of the guy who passed it, Briante Weber. Gotta give credit to that pass, because that is unreal. This has to be the craziest alley oop ever seen.

A nice alley oop might be the prettiest play in basketball, and the best one ever done in the NBA probably goes to Gerald Green. Seems like a good time to revisit that one.


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