Saints Recline Sit Back and Enjoy: Preseason W1

It’s Monday night, and the game was Friday night.  What can I really say that hasn’t been already said about week 1 of preseason?  Well first of all, my shit comes out on Monday now barring a Monday Night Football game, so there’s that (Expect it on Tuesday, fans).  Second, all I’ve got is hot takes and recap info, so if you’re wanting the fastest writeups, then I suggest the top dogs like Larry Holder or Mike Triplett, who are both excellent, and it’s their paid day jobs.

So what have we learned from training camp and game 1 of preseason?  Easy.  Emmanuel Butler is a receiving god except when he pulls a hamstring, Drew Brees is eternal and the preseason is a waste of his time, Lil’Jordan Humphrey is a “gamer” (Bobby Hebert terminology), and our defense is trash all over again.  I think I hit the highlights, right?

Let’s go step by step.


Teddy Bridgewater:

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He was no Drew Brees, but if you honestly believe Teddy Bridewater isn’t capable of being the successor to the Throne of Brees, then well, you’re a fucking moron, I’m sorry to say.  Did you not see his perfect pass to Cyril Grayson, Jr???  He made a speedster with no football experience look like an all Pro receiver with that pass.  He also showed strength holding onto the ball in a sack that I feel confident even our Lord Breesus would have been stripped.  This was Teddy’s first stint with some first stringers in a game day scenario.  I think he was great.

Latavius Murray:


He showed up!  He wasn’t mind blowing, but was he great like the unveiling of a new car?  Exciting potential, but we need to drive it to see or have Consumer Reports rip it apart.  Look, we all miss Mark Ingram, and as Ralph Malbrough said it, “He looks so sad on the Baltimore sideline”, and it’s true.  But we all must move on.  (plug Saints Happy Hour podcast and Ralph Malbrough WWL articles, great listens and reads, and big inspiration for why I’m typing now)

Deonte Harris:




I was optimistic on Harris in my summer breakdowns, and I’m happy to see him get the full load of returns in game one.  Because why not, Sean Payton?  And boy, was he something to get excited about.  This is preseason, folks.  These are the things you want to get excited about.  That’s what you want in a game changer.  I’m still curious to see Marcus Sherels, but seriously, how do you dethrone that new stud??  What I’d like to see now is Deonte catching one to two passes to justify his existence much like the Beerman 12+ years ago (it was painful to even type that).

Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara:

Seriously??  Did you see them??  Honestly, I only bring them up because whyyyyyy, DON’T PLAY THEM!!!

Lil’Jordan Humphrey:


The man had almost disappeared into Saints oblivion, and then suddenly showed up Friday night.  With only two catches, the second being a 30 + yard TD including a stiff arm, trucking effort, Rishard Matthews wept a single tear and retired.  I still say practice squad.


The defense looked atrocious, but it’s not the end of the world considering it’s the first week of preseason.  So let’s not panic yet, peeps.  But!  There were a few things that raised an eyebrow.

Eli Apple:

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He got staight burned.  And not by speed.  He was on that dude in the opening drive like a bee on honey, but like the Saints of recent years, he didn’t cover for the ball.  That’s troublesome only because why go 8 of 9 yards?  If you’re a cover corner, you know to put your hands out.  We could also chalk it up for a lucky grab, because it sorta was, but being a Saints fan is also being untrustworthy of a number 2.

Marcus Davenport:

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WHY WAS HE NOT AMAZING!?!?!?  WHY DID HE NOT CRUSH KILL DESTROY?!?!? Giant disappointmet, but not any kind of write off.  We’ll see how he turns it around week 2.

Demario Davis:

Image result for saints vikings 2019 preseasonDemario made the shit list because the defense was borderline abysmal, and as the centerpiece of the defense, the load, for better or for worse, is on him (and Cam, let’s be honest).  Players out of position.  Lack of reading plays and getting gashed.  The fault shouldn’t be on his shoulders alone, but he’s a figurehead for that disappointing outing.


It’s the first week of preseason, Who Dats!  Of course there’s kinks.  Preseason is the time things get figured out, much like college.  If history tells us anything, we want defense to look terrible so that they will be AMAZING in the regular season.  The D will work through their kinks, and the next three weeks will be a showing of that story.  Our defense will be a top 10 defense.  The offense will be top 5.  Mark. My. Words.

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