Boogie Cousins Can’t Catch a Damn Break

Plain and simple, whether you like a player or not injuries are terrible to see. Demarcus Cousins reportedly tore his ACL during a workout. A devastating injury to a player who has been plagued by injuries in the past couple years. A ruptured achilles in early 2018, a torn quad in this past postseason, now this. Cousins is a prototype big man for the modern NBA. He stretches the floor extremely well and can score from anywhere on the court.

You hate seeing guys get hurt in sports, especially when it becomes a common thing that can derail their career. We saw it happen most recently with Derrick Rose, a great player showing growth and stardom, then losing that to injury. It’s unlucky, but at the end of the day, there’s nothing you can do. I hope Boogie can come back from this, but history is not on his side. Guys with repeated injury trouble don’t usually come back the way they were prior.

He’s been signing 1 year prove it deals and just hasn’t been able to stay on the court to prove it. Most recently he signed with the Lakers this offseason, where he would have had a chance to produce, but not have to be the go to guy. When healthy, Boogie is a top big man in the NBA and I’m hoping we get to see him healthy and back on the court soon.


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