Josh Gordon Being Reinstated Means 2 Things

If you’re a die hard Patriot fan like myself, then you got a great piece of news yesterday. Josh Gordon was reinstated by the NFL. This is particularly important for 2 reasons.

Reason #1: This means the Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl. After losing Gronkowski to retirement, Tom Brady needed a big time weapon that would draw double coverage, he didn’t have that on his active roster until Saturday night. While I love Julian Edelman and Co., their success is greatly dependent on the fact they’re in single coverage because of the threat of a Rob Gronkowski or Josh Gordon. This will relieve a lot of the load they’ll have to carry in the upcoming campaign and a second year in a Patriots uniform after a successful but cut short first year, Gordon should be an even bigger X-Factor in the Patriots offense.

Reason #2: This is probably the more important reason. Gordon’s reinstatement shows that the NFL has made good on their promise to decriminalize recreational drug use. Josh Gordon has a problem, we all know it. However, last season Gordon was on the right track with the Patriots carefully monitoring him until their bye week when he slipped up again. The Patriots didn’t give up on Gordon and continued to help him through his rehab even though he had been indefinitely banned from the NFL. It goes hand in hand, when Gordon is playing football, he is able to stay away from his vices. The NFL’s reinstatement shows that they are willing to view drug addiction as a sickness and not a crime. The first step was made for a league that usually doesn’t take these progressive first steps.

Many people have argued that football is bad for Gordon. I think it’s the opposite. I think football is the one healthy drug that keeps him away from the other unhealthy ones. I’m not talking about marijuana either. This reinstatement also shows the NFL’s willingness to allow players to use marijuana medically and recreationally. Finally catching up to the times is something the NFL is always late at, but better late than never.


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